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About Our Dealership

EAE Motors was established in 1993 as a wholesaler of motor vehicles to the motor trade.

The business has since evolved into a retailer of motor vehicles that currently consists of three dealerships, all of which are based in the CBD of Vereeniging. We have a vast range of approximately 250 vehicles at any given time. Our range comprises sedans, hatchbacks, LDV’s, double cabs, taxi’s and even sport and exotic vehicles. We offer immediate finance, extended warranties, extremely competitive trade-in valuations as well as including road worthiness certification on all our vehicles.

We honor and adhere to the code and standards set out by the independent dealer association (IDA).

Our motto “The Essence Of Quality” says everything about our vehicles and our service. We assure you “peace of mind” when purchasing a vehicle from us.

Our pre-owned vehicles are carefully hand selected to ensure excellent quality and value. Please feel free to visit any of our branches in Vereeniging personally or view our virtual showroom from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Please contact us telephonically or via e-mail and our sales executives will gladly assist you in selecting a vehicle that will suit your needs as well as your budget.

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Once you have picked your vehicle of interest, the final step is signing the contract and ensuring that you have insurance coverage on the vehicle before leaving. When signing the contract the salesperson may off add-ons such as warranties, service plans, gap insurances, auto body protection, and electronic replacement packages. Be careful in deciding if these add-ons are something that you need and always read the contract carefully to ensure that you know what it is that you are purchasing. Once this final step is completed you are ready to drive off in your new pre-owned vehicle!

When purchasing a new used car there are many car dealership facts to consider. There will be many things you are unaware of and that may make your car buying experience stressful. So when you are ready to start your car-buying journey always consider all the car dealer tips to ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free car-buying experience. Buying a car is a huge decision and may come with a lot of pressure. It is very crucial that you’re armed with the proper information about the vehicle you are interested in, the value of your trade-in if you have one, and the budget you can afford. Not only is buying a car a big purchase, but you want a good deal on a safe and reliable vehicle that won’t experience future repairs. There are many different car dealership tips that every individual should know before purchasing a vehicle. When people need to buy used car guidance they normally turn to the Internet. Many people rely on the internet to find their cars, complete credit applications, and schedule test drive appointments. When you are ready for your carcar-buyingarch looking up the best-used car dealership in Baltimore MD will provide you with a variety of some of the best car dealerships around. However, before you run out there and start your car-buying experience consider these car dealer tips! When purchasing a used car, it is important to not only trust the salesperson or be satisfied with the vehicle because sometime there aren’t any visual concerns regarding the vehicle. While most dealerships provide you with a vehicle history report (often known as a CarFax Report) , some dealerships do not, so always remember to ask for one! These reports contain information such as previous accidents, liens, odometer statements and where the vehicle has resided. All that is needed to obtain this information is the vehicles identification number known as the VIN.

EAE Motors | About Us. EAE Motors | About Us. 2nd hand vehicles for sale in johannesburg. 2nd hand vehicles for sale in johannesburg. EAE Motors was established in 1993 as a wholesaler of motor vehicles. We adhere to the standards set by the independent dealer association. About Our Dealership. About Our Dealership.